Materials Technology Institute (MTI-Global) FAQ’s

Materials Technology Institute (MTI) Answers To Your Questions

What are the benefits of MTI membership?

Go here to see all the benefits of becoming a member of MTI.

What does MTI stand for?

Materials Technology Institute. More information about MTI can be found under the About Us section of the website.

Who can apply to join MTI and what types of memberships are available?

Processing Industry producer and supplier companies that meet MTI's criteria for admission.

As an individual of a membership company, do I get MTI benefits?

Yes, all employees of the member company can benefit from membership within MTI.

Are there MTI memberships available to individuals?

No, at this time there are no individual, consultant, or academic memberships available.

How do I find out if my company is an MTI member?

A list of all current members companies can be found by using this link or by viewing the scrolling member logos at the bottom of the website.

What are the dues for Member Companies?

The annual dues for MTI members are based on the company's annual sales for the previous year. The current dues table can be found on the last page of the current annual report. MTI Annual Reports can be found here.

How do you get an invitation to a Regional TAC meeting?

You may request an invitation to a MTI regional TAC meeting (AmeriTAC, AsiaTAC, or EuroTAC) by contacting us here or emailing the MTI Office at Information will be forwarded to our Membership Committee, which will evaluate your request.

How do I order MTI guidelines, books, videos, and other products?

Simply click here to visit the MTI bookstore. And don’t forget, MTI members receive a members-only discount with every purchase.

Where do I find answers to my technical questions?

Members of MTI are encouraged to use the "Search" feature on the MTI website (members-only site). The site search engine provides a list of MTI documents and as well as links to other valuable information. As an MTI member with member area access, there are a several sections of the website that contain valuable technical information. You can start with the Forum and/or Archived Forum (located on the left menu bar in the password-protected, members-only area of the website) that contain most technical questions asked by members. You can also post your question to the Forum and have access to all MTI members who are available to provide you with their technical expertise and knowledge. If you are a member, but don't have member area access, please use the "Request Member Access" form available through the home page button.

How do I contact the MTI Headquarters Office?

Contact Us Here