MTI Presents Refractory Materials Training in Conjunction with AmeriTAC 125

Meeting Details

When: February 19-21, 2018

Where: DoubleTree Orlando at SeaWorld
10100 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32821


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Purpose of Refractory Materials Training

Specialized knowledge in refractory ceramics is a dying art. The industry is experiencing a loss of expertise due to the steady flow of retirees from an aging workforce. In addition, today’s materials science programs are becoming increasingly focused on general materials. With less emphasis placed on specific classes of materials, such as metals or ceramics, this leaves the upcoming generation of engineers without the training and knowledge needed as they move to the workforce. Most companies do not have the luxury of on-staff ceramic engineers and are becoming more dependent upon the refractory vendors and consultants to supply information and recommendations. This can be confusing and intimidating, especially for younger engineers. Often times, these engineers are at a loss for how best to communicate their needs and are left wondering, after the job is complete, whether they were provided the best solution.

With this in mind, the Materials Technology Institute (MTI) is pleased to offer a half-day training session focused on refractory materials in conjunction with the AmeriTAC 125 meeting.

Training topics include:

  • Design Possibilities of Ceramics, Jeff Bolebruch - Blasch Precision Ceramics
  • General Refractory Properties, Stephen Karns - Harbison Walker International
  • Acid Resistant Refractories, Mark Martin - Koch Knight
  • Wear Resistant and Structural Ceramics
  • Fundamentals of Refractory Ceramic Fiber

MTI Reception to follow the training session.

AmeriTAC 125 Highlights (Feb. 20-21 | 7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.)

  • TAC Meeting
    • Structured Forum - Ceramics: Anchoring Systems for Refractory, Stephen Karns - Harbison Walker International
    • Structured Forum - Life Cycle Costs, Bill Bieber - Webco Industries
    • Technical Presentation - Tube Sheet Protection and Failure of Ferrule Systems, Dr. Keith DeCarlo, Blasch Precision Ceramics
    • Forum & Information Exchange
    • Completed Project Review: Atlas of Microstructures for Alloy C276
  • Networking Social 
  • Project Team Meetings
    • Manual for Field Corrosion Testing
    • RFID Sensors to Monitor Dual Laminate Integrity
    • Glass Lined Steel Repair
    • MS-2 Acetic Acid
    • Mechanical Integrity of Plant Civil Structures
    • Polymers PDC
    • Sensors in Metallic and Polymer Systems
    • Knowledge Management PDC
    • Metals PDC
    • Upgrade of FCAW and GMAW MTI Report R-14
    • Best Practices for Reactive Metals
    • Ceramics PDC
    • TAC Bulletins
    • Polymeric Flange Makeup
    • Investigation of Low Toughness of CS Piping Components
    • Managing Aging Plants
    • PMD PDC
    • Microbiological Corrosion
    • Ferrite Measurement
    • Carbonate Cracking
    • Heat Exchanger Tubing

Optional Group Dinner (Feb. 21 | 7-10 p.m.)
Chill out in a frozen wonderland at SeaWorld's The Wild Arctic®. As you arrive for the event, plunge into the frozen north on a pulse-pounding Jetcopter ride to the Wild Arctic. See beluga whales and harbor seals in their icy habitat and experience the beauty, discovery and danger of a polar expedition…without the frostbite! After the expedition, enter SeaWorld’s own Base Station Wild Arctic, a re-creation of a working Arctic research station set amid icy rock formations, surge pools and shipwreck remains. A Cash Bar is available among the ice floes of the chilly beluga pool, where guests can spot surfacing white whales and get up-close views of harbor seals and walruses while enjoying drinks and dinner.