About Materials Technology Institute (MTI) | Materials Research

MTI – Advanced Materials Technology and Chemical Processing Industry Leaders, Collaborators and Partners

A research- and solution-driven organization of partner companies focused on improving plant integrity, reliability & profitability.

The Materials Technology Institute, founded in 1977, is a not-for-profit materials engineering organization representing private industry around the globe. MTI’s member company representatives have developed and continue to refine the organization, so that it provides them with unique resources that:

  • Increase Plant Integrity (Focus on keeping their aging plants and new plants online longer with innovative materials for increased longevity, safety and security.)
  • Improve Reliability (Focus on researching and discovering new technologies and innovative processes so they can count on the integrity and reliability of their plants – old and new.)
  • Boost Profitability (By focusing on and improving plant integrity and reliability, MTI ultimately helps all of its member companies achieve the ultimate goal of boosting profits.)

Benefiting From Membership, Growing Through Partnership

The benefits of MTI corporate membership are numerous. Through membership and networking within MTI, you have instant access to answers that you may not otherwise be able to find as an individual company. However, it’s through partnerships and collaborative research that solutions to problems of major concern to the Processing Industries are discovered and made available for members.

“MTI is the best tool I know to leverage limited reliability and materials engineering technical resources. It is a wise investment that will pay for itself many times over.”

GENE LIENING, The Dow Chemical Company

Advanced Materials and Chemical Process Research Projects Fuel Membership Value

MTI focuses project research on both developing new materials technology and transferring existing knowledge to day-to-day practice. Practical, generic, nonproprietary studies are conducted on the selection, design, fabrication, testing, inspection, and performance of materials of construction used in the process industries.

Together, MTI and its partners sponsor a multitude of projects covering a wide range of challenges. The scope of work includes evaluation of metallic and non-metallic materials, optimum design applications, fitness-for-service, mechanical integrity and life cycle determinations, and economic factors affecting performance of vessels, tanks, piping and other components.

Extensive Research and Resources Your Company Can Benefit From Immediately

As an MTI member, you can immediately capitalize on a wealth of resources, from a database filled with valuable technical information to an online forum where industry experts help solve a variety of problems. Your company will have access to decades of research as well as recent reports and findings that it can apply to some of today’s most pressing Processing Industry challenges.

The history of MTI is one built on partnerships and collaboration for the good of all its members. If you would like to become a partner and contribute to and benefit from industry-leading research, contact us here.