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Issue 1: Reactive and Refractory Metals Best Practices – A Unique Resource (page 12)
3 Curtis Huddle Appointed to MTI Board of Directors
4 MTI Global Symposium 2022
8 New MTI Supplier Member Fluor Eager to Collaborate
10 AsiaTAC and EuroTAC Continuing Meetings and Project Work Amid the Pandemic
14 External Corrosion and Cracking of Stainless Steel
Equipment and Pipes
18 Forthcoming Changes to High Temperature Property Data
22 Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance of Stainless Steel
in Marine Environment
29 RFID Technology for Wear Monitoring of Non-metallic Pipes
32 Project Champions Spotlight with Maricela Johnson
34 Technical Bulletins Available for Public Download
40 MTI Mentor Match Offers Virtual Networking

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Issue 2: Sulfide Stress Cracking of a Pipe in a Sour Gas Processing Plant (page 8)
3 Steve Springer Named MTI Fellow
4 Focus on Technical Learning
6 Mistras Group, Asset Protection Industry Leader, Joins MTI
12 MTI Symposium 2022 Knowledge Management
Keynote Announced
14 Project Champions Spotlight with Maurice Wadley
16 Fracture Toughness and Weldability of High Temperature Alloys Literature Review Results in New Potential Project
18 MTI Names 2021 Scholarship Recipients
20 Technical Bulletins Available for Public Download
24 MTI to Conduct Electronic Voting for Annual Meeting
28 MTI Scholarship Applications for 2022 Open September 1

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Issue 1: Business Continuity in the Age of Coronavirus (page 18)

4  Former Board Member and Avid MTI Fan Robert Sinko Named Fellow
8  A Major Plant Upgrade Project for Reduction of Emissions
14  Leading AsiaTAC – Chair TP Cheng Discusses Strategy
16 MTI Delivers Successful 2020 Symposium
18 Business Continuity in the Age of Coronavirus
22 Project Champions Spotlight
24 MTI Announces 2020 Scholarship Winners
26 MTI Releases Updated TAC Bulletins
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    Issue 2: MTI Provides Ongoing Membership Value Amid Global Pandemic (page 6)
    6 MTI Virtual Training Programs
    8 Reactive and Refractory Metals Book Project
    Nearing Completion
    14 Project Champions Spotlight
    16 Technical Bulletins Available for Public Download
    20 MTI to Launch New Online Mentoring Program Fall 2020
    21 Guidance for Failure Mechanisms 

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    2020-3.png Issue 3: Corrosion Control Documents Provide Foundational Element of Mechanical Integrity Programs (page 16)
    6 Dual Laminate Training Program to Share Best Practices
    8 Nelson and Rentsch: AmeriTAC’s New Leadership Team
    10 Building MTI’s Additive Manufacturing Knowledge Base
    11 Best Practices for Working with SMEs Project Underway
    12 Titanium Grade 12 – UNS R53400
    19 MTI Hires Daniel Rasmussen to Fill New Membership
    Communications and Marketing Manager Position
    20 Project Champion Spotlight with Abdulmohsin Al-Sahli
    22 Technical Bulletins Available for Public Download

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