AmeriTAC 127 Presentations & Speakers

Gazing into the Crystal Ball: The Outlook for the U.S. and Louisiana Energy Sectors - Dr. Loren Scott, Economic Consultant

Dr. Loren Scott will be discussing the outlook for the energy sector economy nationally and locally over the next two years. As part of his outlook, Dr. Scott will examine the policies from Washington and Baton Rouge and how these policies impact the methanol, LNG, general chemicals, and oil and gas extraction markets.

Dr. Loren Scott, Loren C. Scott & Associates, Inc.

Dr. Scott is the President of Loren C. Scott & Associates, Inc., a 36-year old economic consulting firm whose clients include such large national firms as BP, Capital One Financial, Entergy, ExxonMobil, J.P. Morgan Chase, Nucor, Sasol, Chesapeake Energy, and a diversity of others. He is one of the 52-member National Business Economic Issues Council, which meets quarterly to discuss issues of state, national, and international interest. This group has experts who cover international trade, Washington economic policy, retail trade, trucking, steel, chemicals, etc. Dr. Scott is an energy specialist on the NBEIC. He has been appointed to the Economic Advisory Board of the U.S. Council on Competitiveness---a group made up of the CEOs of the Fortune 100, top university presidents and presidents of three major unions. He has been interviewed on CNBC, MSNBC, and Bloomberg TV, in addition to several local TV stations, and his work has been cited in such publications as the Wall Street Journal, the Los Angles Times, the New York Times, USA Today, and the Financial Times, to name a few. His career started at Louisiana State University in 1969 where he spent the next 33 years, rising through the ranks from assistant professor to the prestigious Freeport McMoran Endowed Chair of Economics and the Director of the Division of Economic Development and Forecasting. Over the thirteen-year period from 1983-96, he was the chairman of the Economics Department at LSU. During that time, the Department’s ranking among the 3,000 economics departments in the U.S. rose from 101st to 38th. He is presently Professor Emeritus at LSU. He received 7 awards at LSU for outstanding classroom teaching. He gives 50-70 speeches a year on the state of the economy.

Improving Reliability of Bolted Flanged Joints

Presenters: Hardin Wells and Jonathan Meyer (Albemarle)

Bolted Flanged Joint Assemblies (BFJA's) are one of the more under-appreciated pressure retaining components in the Chemical/Petrochemical Process Industries, similar in some regards to the way utility systems are often ignored or overlooked. However, BFJA's are typically used in every process application in every CPI manufacturing plant, handling fluids that range from truly innocuous to those that are incredibly hazardous or highly corrosive. Interestingly, the same level of scrutiny that is used for welding of metallic piping components used in these services is not generally applied to the bolted flanged joints (BFJ's), nor is the science behind bolted joints as well appreciated across our industry. As part of a larger effort around Mechanical Integrity, Albemarle has begun a multi-year initiative to significantly elevate the reliability of BFJ's and thereby reduce Loss of Primary Containment (LOPC) occurrences. In this presentation, Albemarle personnel will start by framing the mechanical integrity issues related to BFJ's and then outline Albemarle's training initiatives and journey to date. Finally, and most importantly, the Presenters will dive deep into the components and physics of a BFJ, using an instrumented Flange Assembly Demonstration Unit to illustrate (hands-on!) and show why proper procedures are so important to the goal of reliable BFJ's. 


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