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By MTI Admin posted 28 days ago

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    Member Quick-Start Guide

    1. Login: Visit and click the green login button in the upper right corner of your screen.

    2. Profile: After logging in, access your profile in the upper right corner and add your photo so fellow members can recognize you! While you’re there, go ahead and add some information about yourself so everyone can get to know you better.

    3. Communities: Begin signing up for *project teams. Simply visit the “Communities” tab from the main menu and click the "Join" button for each project team, PDC or other community types you wish to participate in. You will have the option to select your notification preferences for each community as you join them. These preferences can always be changed under your member profile in the "My Account" section. The list of communities you join will be available both under your profile and in the community menu drop-down. *Tip: From the All Communities List, use the "Sort by Type" drop-down filter to go through each community type rather than scrolling through the extensive list of communities. (Types include Project Ideas, Funded Projects, PDCs, etc.)

    4. TAC Forum: Current members with website access are all members of the TAC Forum community. You will see the most recent posts in the latest discussion feed. Click on any topic to reply. Click the "Add" button from the TAC Forum module on the home page to post a new topic. To search TAC Forum topics (current and archived), use the global search in the main menu bar.

    5. e-Library: Access this feature from the home page or from the “Resources” menu. The e-Library will function as it has in the past with one exception – TAC Forum topics will no longer be searchable through the e-Library.

    6. Directory: There are several pre-populated lists for member convenience, but you can perform basic and advanced searches within the different list types.

    7. Global Forum: Members can access this feature, but please be advised anything that is posted to the Global Forum will be available to the public. The purpose is to use it as a marketing tool for potential members. This is an open forum where the public can come to ask questions and MTI staff will monitor, possibly seek feedback from members in some cases and use it as a way to collect prospect information.

    8. What Else is New?: The best way to find out and discover what’s here is to explore! The simplified navigation makes it easier to find what you’re looking for – even if you don’t know what that is yet. Please note: In some communities you may see a "Workspace" tab; however, the Workspace module has not been released yet. We expect this feature to be available in February 2019.

    Please let us know if you encounter any problems by emailing and we will do our best to correct the issue as soon as possible.