Freed Named New MTI Associate Director

By MTI Admin posted 11-28-2018 04:57 PM

Bob_Freed.jpgMTI is pleased to announce that Robert (Bob) Freed will be joining the MTI Staff as an Associate Director on January 1.

Bob received his BS in Metallurgical Engineering from Drexel University and a PhD in Materials Engineering from MIT. He retired from DuPont in 2016 after 39 years. He has published a number of technical papers and articles and is recognized for U. S. Patent 6,042,702: Electrochemical Cell Having a Current Distribution Comprising a Conductive Polymer Composite Material. Bob is also Six Sigma certified.

At DuPont Dr. Freed gained extensive experience in the failure analysis of CPI equipment and materials, and worked extensively in applied materials research and development.  He was the Designated Representative for DuPont and an MTI Board Director at the time of his retirement. Since his retirement, Bob has been providing advice through his own consulting firm.

Please join us in welcoming Bob to the MTI team!