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Use of PTFE-Ekonol in Dry Gas Seal Application

  • 1.  Use of PTFE-Ekonol in Dry Gas Seal Application

    Posted 07-30-2019 08:03 AM

    In a dry gas seal assemblies, polymer cup seals of patented design are used. It houses a coiled spring and is energized by pressure. The material of construction is glass filled teflon (GFT) which could typically have 25% glass as a filler. The polymer seal when energized presses on a hardened sleeve surface. Over a period, a wear is observed on the sleeve surface at the polymer seal – sleeve interface. This can potentially affect the dry gas seal performance.

     One of the suggested alternatives is to use PTFE seal with 10% Ekonol as filler. Ekonol PTFE has a lower Shore D hardness and claimed to be a better material to prevent erosion/surface damage of sleeve surface.

    We are seeking user's feedback of this PTFE-Ekonol in similar application.

     Another query relates to its performance under bone dry nitrogen environment.

    Nitrogen at ambient conditions is one the gases this seal comes in contact with during normal operation. The plant nitrogen is very dry with a dew point of less than -60 deg.C. Would appreciate information from members on the performance of this material under such dry conditions.

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