Evaluating Materials for High Purity Service (409)

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comments from Bob McIntosh on the scope and TOC

  • 1.  comments from Bob McIntosh on the scope and TOC

    Posted 10-13-2023 10:20 AM

    below is response from Bob on the draft scope and TOC:

    I am not sure what you are asking from me.  This TOC below would certainly be a good start on developing a program.  I would suggest that the two lab that I know of that are doing this for the semi-conductor industry are Air Liquide Balazs (Hugh Gotts) and CRT Associates (Gary Van Schooneveld) to solicit proposals from. This is for materials of construction testing.  For chemical quality testing please see both the IRDS road map for 2022 for liquid chemicals in the Yield Section (table 3) (https://irds.ieee.org/editions/2022) and these SEMI  standards;

    HF  - SEMI C29

    H2SO4 – SEMI C44

    H202 – SEMI C30

    HCl – SEMI C35

    TMAH – SEMI C46

    NH4OH – SEMI C21

    NaOH – SEMI C43

    This will cover the first two bullets below.  For bullet 3) I would suggest a tool supplier like MegaFluid Systems. For bullets 4 & 5 I am not sure who would be a good source for that.  Maybe MegaFluid systems but they generally start clean and stay clean. For bullet 6 myself or Gary V can help and for the last bullet I would suggest Ashutosh Bhabhe of 14Si-Solutions. 

    I hope this is what you were asking for.  If not let me know and maybe we can have a quick meeting to discuss.

    Best Regards

    Bob McIntosh

    Dale Keeler
    MTI AD