Evaluating Materials for High Purity Service (409)

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  • 1.  one proposal received

    Posted 02-12-2024 09:37 AM
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    attached is only proposal received to date - it is unpriced 

    please take time to review and provide comments / questions to ask 

    team is waiting and hoping for a second proposal from Brewer Science -  CT Associates no bid as did Bob McIntosh 

    Cameron has reviewed proposal and compiled questions:

    1. How can we incorporate the information from SEMI given the copyright issues that it could cause? SEMI does have the best path to cleanliness but they have leveraged that well for themselves.
    2. Can we request Koh to write about specifics on testing methods and he use references only to SEMI standards to avoid any copyright issues?
    3. If we can't find a way to share the SEMI standards in an acceptable way within MTI, will this guideline be able to withstand scrutiny from external criticism? For example, would we as Eastman employees be able to convince our business side that this guideline is an acceptable path to follow.
    4. Is there an estimated number of pages planned? I want to make sure the guide will be worth the information being placed inside of it.
    5. What other information or clarification does Koh need from me or the team? I want to be respectful of his time and resources.

    Dale Keeler
    MTI AD


  • 2.  RE: one proposal received

    Posted 02-16-2024 04:01 PM


    1) There is no price provided?

    2) The timeline talks about document review, and only allots half a week for that.  Is that internal review only?  Will the MTI project team have an opportunity to review or ask for edits before the final version is issued?

    3) The proposal does not describe what sources will be accessed to compile the report.  Is it just literature, or will industry experts also be interviewed?

    Stephanie Britton
    Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
    Allentown PA
    (610) 481-3397