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    RE: bolts and nuts

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    Thanks for the information Robert! ------------------------------ Yingying ...

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    Steve, I support the project, as someone who will benefit from it, ...

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    Nina - Using flexible hose with a non-metallic core raises two electrical issues: ...

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    Dear Network Member, I am looking for an article on predicting corrosion ...

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    I also suggest talking with Rolled Alloys.  Flame impingement looks like accelerated ...

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  • ​Is any one aware of that Carbonate SCC or any SCC is possible in dry hydrocarbon (C4 or C5)? Dry means no free water but dissolved water present. To see the SCC tendency of process, I am thinking on the cyclic polarization test with process samples. ... More

  • Hi Gyananjan, we published a paper in Materials Performance (August Issue, 2018) on the use of Belzona to prevent hydrogen cracking on a gas dehydration unit. I think this unit was in the Middle East. Thanks and regards, Sudhakar Mahajanam ------------------------------ ... More

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