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    Chuck - Thanks for the insights!  Frank ------------------------------ Frank ...

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    RE: Zirconium ZR702 Corrosion

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    Thank you Karl-Friedrich your info. About the amount of Ti not being impurity ...

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    ​Dear Mark, Thank you, this is a very interesting comment! I'll also look into ...

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    One of our sites went this route last year without issue to date. I was not ...

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    In general it is not recommended any kind of epoxy coating because of deterioration ...

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    Concerns of cold temperature brittle fracture of steel continue to haunt the petroleum industry. After years of study, optimized heat treatment was found to dramatically improve low carbon steels' cold temperature toughness. This talk summarizes several of the key heat treatment parameters affecting (and improving) the cold temperature toughness of steel plus provides a path forward to modernizing the heat treatment industry.

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  • Hi Gyananjan, we published a paper in Materials Performance (August Issue, 2018) on the use of Belzona to prevent hydrogen cracking on a gas dehydration unit. I think this unit was in the Middle East. Thanks and regards, Sudhakar Mahajanam ------------------------------ ... More

  • Chlorides in caustic soda solution do not cause chloride SCC of austenitic stainless steels. A solution of 0.5 g/L NaOH at pH 12 is sufficiently alkaline to avoid this type of cracking that is common in neutral or acidic solutions. It has also been shown ... More

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