Matthias Walschburger

Knight Materials Technologies LLC

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Knight Materials Technologies LLC
United States


Over the last 10 years I have been involved with the design of Sulfuric Acid plants and the implementation of Corrosion protection membranes developed for Koch Knight.
Also preparing proposals for hydrometallurgical  HPAL and POX plants related to autoclaves, flash vessels and cyclones and the surface protection underneath the equipment.
Structural/Civil engineer with over 25 years of experience in Structural analysis and design of steel and concrete structures for industrial, residential and commercial installations, such as non-ferrous metal winning plants, food industry plants, acid production facilities, paper production facilities, pre-stressed concrete and steel bridges, foundation design for buildings, bridges and equipments, deep excavation shoring and tunnel + tunnel lining design.
Vast experience in construction and project management, leading groups of over 100 people during construction of industrial installations and bridges.
Excellent abilities in the preparation of structural and civil drawings, bidding documents and of inspection and test procedures for construction projects.
Good communication skills especially in getting accepted proposals presented to the client and in getting new work for the companies worked for.