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MTI Partnerships

MTI has worked with organizations ranging from the U.S. Department of Energy to the World Corrosion Organization to help solve some of the industries’ most difficult materials engineering challenges.

MTI Partners with Organizations and Individuals to Add Value for its Members

Although members are able to answer many of their toughest questions within the MTI network, the organization sometimes partners with other associations, individuals, and even government organizations to tackle grander challenges. For example, MTI has held joint meetings with technical societies in Japan that have focused on corrosion under insulation (CUI). In addition, MTI members are working on joint industry projects focused on high temperature hydrogen attack, a topic of great interest to its refiner members and sister associations, such as API.

Over many years, MTI has developed partnering relationships with some of the best materials science laboratories in the world. The organization has worked with Germany-based DECHEMA, which has collaborated on research studies and even hosted MTI’s EuroTAC Meeting on several occasions. TNO, Swerea, and ITRI have all played important roles on MTI projects and have proven collaborative partners. MTI often reaches out to National Labs, working with agencies such as Argonne National Laboratory during its Niyama Criterion Casting Simulation research efforts. Members also gain access to special behind the scenes tours of these facilities and some of the leading-edge materials science studies being conducted in the world.

MTI And University Partnership

Nowhere is collaboration more evident than at the university level. MTI works with universities on a variety of projects. Often renowned higher education institutions, like the Colorado School of Mines, partner with MTI on groundbreaking research. Staff and member representatives have even worked with college student teams at Missouri’s MS&T School of Engineering on projects that could be important to members and the future of Materials Engineering. In fact, MTI takes great interest in the future of materials engineering, partnering with the National Association of Corrosion Engineers to deliver two $5000 scholarships to undergraduate students who plan to pursue careers in the Processing Industries.

MTI continues to seek partners with other associations and individuals who will not only provide valuable information to members, but also improve the industry as a whole.

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