Monitor FRP Vessel Integrity with RFID Sensors


Monitor Dual Laminate & FRP Vessel Integrity with RFID Sensors

Take advantage of low-cost RFID Sensor Technology! 

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Discover the benefits of monitoring FRP vessel integrity with RFID sensors.




Successfully install MTI’s RFID system to monitor FRP vessel integrity.


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About the MTI Project

MTI Develops RFID Permeation Detection Technology for FRP and Dual Laminate Systems

Three MTI collaborative projects tested the functionality of different sensors, readers, and capabilities of the technology, then proved it out in both lab tests and real CPI plant installations. The resulting technology was demonstrated to be successful to achieve: 

  • Cost effective solution to provide information on the integrity of non-metallic equipment while in service 
  • Sensors proven not to negatively impact structural integrity when applied properly
  • RFID Sensors demonstrated to withstand fabrication process
  • Sensors tested at wet out temps of exotherm cure
  • Verification that spark testing did not damage sensors
  • RF Signal easy to read, record and store
  • Reader handheld and portable
  • Reader programmed to record readings for each sensor location