Materials Technology Institute (MTI-Global) Testimonials & Reviews

MTI Testimonials and Reviews

MTI Testimonials and Reviews

The benefits of MTI membership are numerous. But don’t take our word for it, see what some of the world’s leading companies in the materials technology and chemical processing industries have to say:

“MTI membership provides uncompromising value in the form of real-world practical solutions through its project activities while the networking benefits gleaned from active participation equate to having not just one but a crew of the world’s foremost experts in any technical area not just willing but eager to help us navigate the challenges of safe, reliable and (yes) profitable process operation. It would take several additional employees, consultants and internal projects to replace our MTI membership.”

ED NAYLOR, AkzoNobel

“We continue to see long-term technical value through our MTI membership. For a time, we dropped our MTI membership and discovered we lost a key conduit of technical materials knowledge, resources and leveraging for our industry. We returned to MTI to regain what was lost and wondered why we ever left.”


“I have a perception and a view that probably 80% of our problems have answers already. It doesn’t make a lot of sense for us to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars initiating project work in these areas when there are 50, 60, 100 other companies that have similar sorts of equipment and have similar sorts of issues.”


“Really, for the here-and-now, where the rubber-meets-the-road issues in the field of plastic materials, MTI is really the only place where we would get value out of. MTI gets things done.”

PRADIP KHALADKAR, Senior Consultant, DuPont Materials Group

“MTI is the best tool I know to leverage limited reliability and materials engineering technical resources. It is a wise investment that will pay for itself many times over.”

GENE LIENING, The Dow Chemical Company

“As a member of MTI you can send critical questions to the most mind boggling problems your plant may have, and in most cases, have an answer that will help you work through your problem. Being a member allows you to know the top experts in the field.”

KELLY WYROUGH, Roben Manufacturing

Ready to experience the benefits that only come with MTI membership? Become a member today and get instant access to the MTI Forum and other MTI resources.