Upcoming Events

25-26 September 2014
Shanghai, China

AmeriTAC 115
20-23 October 2014
Columbus, OH

EuroTAC November 2014
17 - 18 November 2014
Copenhagen, Denmark

AmeriTAC 116
23 - 26 February 2015
Sandestin, FL

Managing Aging Plants - (MTI supported)
3-4 March 2015
Dusseldorf, Germany

AmeriTAC 117
22-25 June 2015
Calgary Alberta Canada

Former EuroTAC Representative Houlle Joins MTI Staff

MTI is pleased to announce that it has added new Associate Director Dr. Patrice Houlle to support the organization’s EuroTAC activities. Dr. Houlle, who retired as European Technical Marketing Director from member company Haynes International, is a consultant who has worked with processing industry companies for 35 years. He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from INSCIR and a PhD in Electrochemistry from the University of Rouen. Houlle retired as Haynes European Marketing Director in January of 2012.

“The MTI organization in Europe has been supported by staff from the States since its inception,” says John Aller, MTI Executive Director. “Currently, Heather Stine is the staff person working with our European colleagues. Our activity in Europe has been primarily limited to an annual meeting that brought representatives from our member companies together for learning and networking. To increase our effectiveness in Europe, we will need to understand the unique needs of our European members and adapt our activities to meet those needs. We have significant opportunities in Europe to bring additional value to our members as well as grow our European membership.” 

Dr. Houlle brings a blend of technical knowledge and business experience that will help MTI achieve its potential in Europe. “We have hired Patrice to bring a European perspective to our European organization,” explains Aller. “He will have responsibility for the Middle East as well as Europe, and we believe those regions represent strong growth potential for MTI. Patrice comes from supplier-member Haynes and is already familiar with MTI and many of our members as well as having contacts at many the companies that are potential members of MTI. He has a strong technical background with great business and market experience. I am confident he will be a great asset to MTI and particularly to our European community.”

MTI Hires CPI Veteran Liu to Support AsiaTAC

MTI is pleased to announce the hiring of staff member Paul Liu to support AsiaTAC activities. Liu’s 36 years of Chemical Processing Industry experience and extensive management experience make him ideally suited to his new role. He holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Notre Dame and an Executive Master of International Business Degree from St. Louis University.

“Paul Liu worked for Monsanto and Solutia most of his professional career,” points out Jesse Chen, MTI Associate Director. “Since the early 1990s, he was their chief representative and business leader (VP, Asia Pacific for Solutia). Paul is bi-cultural/bi-lingual and has established excellent relationships with the CPI in the entire Asia Pacific region. He has the experience to be extremely effective as MTI’s representative for the future in an important growth area for us.”

AsiaTAC continues to build momentum, offering members several technical training sessions and interactive meetings per year. “The MTI organization in Asia has become a very vital element of MTI under Jesse Chen’s support,” notes John Aller, MTI Executive Director. “It is providing great service to the MTI members with operations in China, but the opportunity in Asia is much greater than that. Jesse has started opening doors to additional members in Taiwan and Japan, with the potential to start separate MTI groups in both of those countries.”

Now it will be Liu driving that growth initiative from his home-base in Taiwan, as he learns the organization’s nuances from Chen. “We hired Paul to continue and expand the work that Jesse has so capably started in Asia,” explains Aller. “By living in Asia, he will find it much easier to spend more time with our Asian members and potential members. His successful business experience in Asia makes it very likely that he can achieve the MTI objectives for the Asia region.”

Liu is pleased to be part of an association that he has respected for several years and ready to start the next phase of his professional life. “I think MTI is a first-class technical organization, with the world's top materials experts under one roof, enthusiastically sharing and learning from each other to make the chemical industry a safer and more environmentally-friendly industry,” he observes. “Working with MTI, I can reconnect with the chemical industry, where I spent my entire career, and continue to make contributions to the field.”  MTI welcomes the opportunity and the addition of Liu to its respected technical community.