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31 May - 1 June 2016

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13-16 June 2016

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MTI Invites You to Explore the Value of Membership

MTI is a great value opportunity for your company. Our worldwide technical community offers the opportunity to leverage the resources of over 60 other companies to help you solve your reliability challenges. If you improve your company’s reliability, then you also improve its safety and profitability performance.

Does your company need better insight into RAGAGEP for issues not addressed by industry standards, resources to develop your own engineering standards, a way to co-fund technology projects to solve pressing problems, or help from the upper echelon of industry experts on reliability issues? MTI can help deliver those and much more to your company. In fact, MTI is the best tool I know to leverage limited reliability and materials engineering technical resources.

MTI funds technology projects that are defined by its members, hosts an on-line problem-solving forum, and provides affordable training for experts from member companies. These tools will help your company to be safer, more reliable, and more profitable. It is a wise investment that will pay for itself many times over.

The publicly available portion of our web site provides a glimpse at the benefits of membership. A great deal more resources are available in the members-only section, available only to those who have been invited to join our organization.

After reviewing the many benefits of membership here, please let us know if you are interested in becoming a member, and we will follow up with you. Thank you for your interest in MTI, the premiere materials engineering organization for companies in the Process Industries.

Kind regards,

Gene Liening (The Dow Chemical Company), MTI Membership Committee Chair