New Upcoming Events

25-26 September 2014
Shanghai, China

AmeriTAC 115
20-23 October 2014
Columbus, OH

AmeriTAC 116
23 - 26 February 2015
Sandestin, FL

Refiners Roundtable Slated for October

Corrosion and other material challenges aren’t particular about what kind of processing plant they vex. On Monday October 20, MTI will bring together some of the best minds in the industry to discuss materials issues during a Refiners Roundtable. The one-day session will be held in conjunction with MTI’s Fall Project Team Meetings and AmeriTAC 115, October 21-22 in Columbus, Ohio. All MTI member companies, whether or not they operate refineries, are invited to participate. In addition, other major refiners will be invited to attend as guests.

This special event will start with a tour of the nearby Edison Welding Institute (9AM). Following the tour of EWI’s research facilities, MTI will host a lunch presentation and begin the

Refiners Roundtable session. Technical presentations will include:

  • MTI Projects of Special Interest to Refining
  • Inherently Safer Design
  • Stress Corrosion Cracking Concerns in Refining
  • Fire Damage Assessment
  • Other Special Presentations and Topics of Interest to Refiners

The Roundtable will conclude with a reception on Monday evening. This event is free of charge, but space is limited to MTI member companies and guests from refineries. Non-member company refinery representatives can contact Kirk Richardson (, Emory Ford (, or the MTI Office at 314-576-7712 for more information and a special invitation.

Pradip Khaladkar, DuPont, Named MTI Fellow

Pradip Khaladkar, PE at the DuPont Company, received MTI's Fellow award and designation at MTI's AmeriTAC 114 meeting in Denver, Colorado on June 18, 2014. During the Technical Advisory Council session, MTI Chair Paul Whitcraft and Executive Director John Aller presented Khaladkar with the organization's top honor for distinguished service.

“My hearty congratulations to Pradip for this well-deserved recognition,” shared Whitcraft. “He has demonstrated his leadership ability time and again. His expertise in non-metallic materials was greatly needed and appreciated. We thank DuPont for allowing Pradip to share his time and energy. It is individuals such as Pradip and organizations like DuPont that have made MTI the preferred source of materials technology expertise in the Chemical Process Industry.”

Over its 38-year history, MTI's Board of Directors has occasionally recognized exceptional individual contributors, such as Khaladkar, who have been instrumental in the technical association's development and progression. On that basis, the BOD created the Fellow Award for member, staff, and outside employees/contractors who have advanced MTI's mission in a significant way.

Khaladkar is MTI's 13th Fellow. His nomination citation read: “As a long-time MTI member, Pradip has been a pioneer, innovator and driver in the development of numerous polymer projects. He is well known and recognized as a valuable resource for member companies when non-metallic questions are posed. He has served diligently over-the-years as the DuPont designated representative, resource advisory group leader, the champion of many projects, relentless project team member and on the MTI Board of Directors.

“Some of his most recent project involvement includes work on the ‘Permeation Through Polymers for Process Industries’ handbook, the ‘Accelerated Testing of FRP’ handbook, and a unique, first time study ‘Understanding the Morphological Changes of Plastic Welds on Polymers that have been Exposed to Chemical Service’. A thoughtful and considerate gentleman, a professional individual, a respected colleague and a friend to many at MTI.”

Khaladkar has displayed all of those characteristics since winning the award, sharing credit with his friends, colleagues, and company. “I wish to thank the entire Board for the prestigious honor bestowed on me,” he said recently. “My contribution would not have been possible without the active assistance and encouragement of others. I do owe a debt of gratitude to many in MTI, my colleagues and management in DuPont.” Watch for a feature story on MTI’s newest Fellow in the Fall edition of MTI Communications.