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SABIC Accepts Top MTI Global Value Award

MTI Board Chair Paul Whitcraft presented the organization's first Grand Champion Global Value Award to member company SABIC at the AmeriTAC 115 Meeting in Columbus, Ohio, October 22. Abdullah Mohammed Enazi-Al, Senior Stationary Engineer, Reliability at SABIC traveled from Saudi Arabia to accept the award.

Not only did Enazi-Al take time to fill out an application, but he saw enough value in the Value Award that he traveled all the way from Saudi Arabia to accept the top prize personally. “Having the first MTI Worldwide Grand Championship Value Award means a lot to us as the ‘SABIC Family,’ said Enazi-Al. “We are honored by such value award, which reflects the SABIC Family’s eagerness to utilize a reliable resource (MTI Publications).”

In this case, Enazi-Al used MTI’s Guidance for Plant Personnel in Gathering Data and Samples for Material Failure Analyses publication. “An NG reformer inlet system, made from SS321H, failed and knowing what went wrong and the exact damage mode and mechanism crucially effects our decision in knowing the best-suited repair procedure,” he reported. Ultimately, SABIC wanted to be able to determine whether there was a reliable repair method or the equipment/components needed to be replaced. According to Enazi-Al, “That is especially important in plant shutdown time-limitation situations when you need to get the reliable repair methodology right the first time.”

It won’t be the last time that SABIC benefits from applying this MTI resource. “It is an ongoing achievement as it is to be standardized on all of SABIC plants, and it has contributed positively in reviewing and updating our current procedure in gathering failed samples,” concluded Enazi-Al. "Knowing the exact failure mode and mechanism enables us to have a high profile reliable decision toward (repair, replacement or rerating) the pertinent equipment or part. By replacement avoidance, we could save more that $10 million (direct and indirect cost) between replacements.”

Although he made a great effort to make the long trip to Columbus for the AmeriTAC Meeting and award, it was Enazi-Al who expressed his appreciation. “I would like to thank Our SABIC Senior Management Team for their support and empowerment to me to be able to accept such global award,” he said. “I would love to thank my technical master, Mr. Harry Schrijen, for his guidance and utmost support.” Enzi-Al closed by applauding MTI and its efforts in sharing valuable information in its network of member companies, noting that it enriches and enhances technical decision healthiness. “I would also like to thank MTI BOD for such initiative, which shows their insistency to deliver value to their membership.”