RFID Sensor Technology Specifications

Tags and Types Capabilities

Sensor Path Tag

  • This tag is moisture sensing (dry, damp and wet environment distinguishing)
  • Sensor Path tags can be read up to 25 feet away

Dogbone, Monza R6 Tag

  • Dogbone tags can be read from up to 50 feet away


  • MTI supplies pre-programmed reader to licensees after the licensing agreement is signed and invoice paid.
  • Capable of reading many EPC’s at once
  • Capable of storing sensor values stored in the memory banks of the Sensor Tag’s chip. 


The sensors should be embedded between the structural and corrosion barrier layers, or within the corrosion barrier layers, not within the structural layers of FRP equipment. This way the structural integrity of equipment is not compromised by the presence of the tags.

Tags at Multiple Depths

Tags may be installed at multiple depths to provide better insight into the rate of chemical permeation of the corrosion barriers.  If tags are at different depths but spaced, the read distance will be the same as normal.  If tags are at different depths but in series with one another (as shown in the image below), read distances are reduced to about 15 feet for both types of tags. 

Use of Carbon Veil

Carbon veils impede the ability of the reader to detect sensors.  With Carbon Veil present- tags can be read about 1 foot away.

Work was done that determined that if a carbon free area of approximately 5” x 8” is used around the tags, they may still be read at distances comparable to without the presence of the carbon veil.  (25 and 50 feet for the Sensor Path tags and the Dogbone tags, respectively).  

*Non-metallic MOCs do NOT impact ability to read sensor.