EuroTAC Fall Meeting
November 8-10, 2023

Schedule of Events

Note: The schedule of events is subject to change. Please check back here for the most recently updated version of the schedule.

HIGHLIGHTS - Project Meetings

Project Meetings

Project Reports:

  • #305, #355, & #362 – HTHA Damage Detection by US-Inspection of Probes
  • #379 – Pressure Swing Absorber Vessels
  • #391 – Duplex Stainless Steel Welds at Elevated Temperatures
  • #405 – Relaxation Cracking Susceptibility Mapping for HT Austenites
  • #406 – Guideline for Preservation of new Equipment & Pipelines
  • #407 – Surface Modification Guide
  • AmeriTAC Project Reporting
  • Project Development Committee Sessions


Technical Presentations
  • Hydrogen-Assisted Fatigue
  • Decomposition of "Eternity Compounds" as PFAS in SCW and related material issues
  • Update on EU Regulations & Hearing (PFAS)
  • Alternative Solutions and Available Materials as Substitutes for Banned Compounds (PFAS)
  • Inspection by Drone
  • Tube-to-Tube Sheet Weld Scanner

Plant and Laboratory Tour of TOPSOE with Technical Presentations

  • Collect, Predict & Optimize: Make the Best of your Big Data to Reduce Material Degradation
  • Materials and Corrosion Issues in Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage
  • Sustainable Hard and Wear Resistant Surfaces by Electroplating
  • High Temperature Corrosion in Ship Engines


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Hotel Scandic Eremitage

Klampenborgvej 230
2800 KGS Lyngby, Denmark
Tel: +45-4588-7700

Please make your own hotel reservations as soon as possible! Use Hotel Code: D305641409 for the TOPSOE room rates. The meeting will take place at the TOPSOE headquarters.