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Handling 50% Hydrogen Peroxide in Aluminum

  • 1.  Handling 50% Hydrogen Peroxide in Aluminum

    Posted 09-25-2019 01:21 PM
    We are in the early stages of investigating a leak in an aluminum tank drain nozzle.  The leak was behind a carbon steel lap joint flange on the aluminum stub end of the tank nozzle and bolted to a stainless steel flanged valve with a reinforced PTFE gasket.

    A 50% hydrogen peroxide leak, in either the stub end weld or the gasket, presumably found and reacted with some organic material on the outside surface.  The resulting damage almost severed the nozzle in the vicinity of the stub end weld.  The aluminum looks like it melted.

    We want to cut off the nozzle for closer examination and repair.  Our tank cleaning contractor has repeatedly rinsed the tank with city water.  Gray material continued to be washed out until the contractor said he could do no more without going in the tank.

    We have had discussions about the safety of cutting off the nozzle and entering the tank. 

    Attempts, through our hydrogen peroxide supplier, to find someone knowledgeable when dealing with hydrogen peroxide under similar circumstances have so far been unsuccessful.  

    We would appreciate any pertinent comments or references to help us resolve this matter.

    Bill Salot
    Hopewell, VA