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Please note: This is a list of highlights with tentative times and information. The schedule is subject to change. A final agenda will be available before the meeting.

AGENDA: Ver. Feb. 11, 2019 (Subject to Change)
MEETING DOCUMENTS: Project agendas, status reports, etc. (Members Only)


Monday, February 18 | 9 am - 3 pm

Remote Internal Inspection Seminar: Drones, Robots and Remote Visual

Internal Inspections are expensive, require significant downtime, clean out time, and require stringent vessel entry safety protocols. Traditional inspections are often the best or only way to gather the information needed for an SME to determine the integrity and condition of equipment. There is significant incentive for member companies to be able to inspect equipment remotely without confined space entry.

This seminar will explore the state of the art for remote internal inspections, with presentations of drones and robots that have the ability to clean tanks, conduct visual inspections, perform sophisticated pit characterization and potentially perform other techniques such as UT, flux leakage, eddy current, dye penetrant, spark testing and high definition visual inspections. The capabilities and limitations will be discussed in the context of what the industry needs are for vessel assessments and identification of damage mechanisms. Demonstrations will be provided by some of the drone and robotics companies. 

To conclude the seminar, MTI PDC champions will lead a discussion involving presenters and audience attendees to explore member company needs, current industry capabilities and how MTI might develop projects to bridge the gaps.

Tuesday, February 19 | 8 am - 1:15 pm
TAC meeting part i 

Structured Forum: Materials Genome / Accelerated Development of Novel, Advanced Materials
By Aziz asphahani, Questek innovations, llc

Advanced materials are being recognized as critical “Building Blocs” that drive significant innovations in many industries. Specifically, advanced structural materials are needed to ensure competitiveness in key sectors (e.g., Aerospace, Automotive, Energy).

The advent of the US Materials Genome Initiative (MGI) and the Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) technologies (built on CALPHAD thermodynamic and kinetic databases, along with advanced computational modeling tools), several “best in class” alloys have been designed and deployed.

Examples of advanced steels, Al-alloys, Ti-alloys and Co alloys will be provided.

In addition, succinct illustration of ICME design steps of an Ultra High-Strength Steel to resist intergranular stress corrosion cracking will be detailed. Also, ongoing projects related to applications of ICME technologies in additive manufacturing will be presented.

Potential for implementation of ICME technologies in the design of corrosion resistant alloys of potential benefit to the Chemical Processing Industry will be reviewed and discussed, including development of high entropy alloys and corrosion resistant replacements for glass liners and expensive Ta alloys. Views on Materials Informatics: Big-data, Machine-Learning and Artificial Intelligence roles in discovering new materials will be contrasted with the ICME technologies successes in deploying novel materials.

Extended TAC online forum discussions

Participate in this interactive session to continue the discussion of current TAC online forum topics that require additional information or additional guidance from fellow attendees.

project #280 completion report: guidelines for Measuring the amount of ferrite in duplex stainless Steels
by Jim Fritz, project  champion

Because of the importance of the phase balance in Duplex Stainless Steels (DSS), the producers, fabricators, and end users of these products have a vested interest in maintaining a proper austenite-ferrite balance. Although the importance of phase balance is widely accepted, there are very few resources that provide guidelines and recommendations on how to accurately determine the level of austenite and ferrite in DSS. This manual aims to provide such guidelines. Join us for an overview and importance of this completed project!

Lunch & Learn with AmeriTAC Leadership

Please join the TAC Chair and Vice Chair as they review the results of the 2018 AmeriTAC Feedback Survey and discuss the future of AmeriTAC meetings.


  • Metals PDC
  • Polymers PDC
  • Atlas of Microstructures for Alloy 625
  • Drone Inspections
  • RFID Sensors
  • Safe Ended Tubes
  • UTComp Technology Investigation

Wednesday, February 20 | Project Meetings Part II
8 AM - 12 PM

  • New Test Method for Titanium Hydriding
  • Polymer Cap Strip Welding
  • Lined Pipe Retorque
  • MTI Symposium
  • Knowledge Management PDC
  • Ceramics PDC
  • TAC Bulletins
  • Microbiological Corrosion

TAC Meeting Part II | 1 - 5 PM

Structured Forum: Continuous Online Ultrasonic Cleaning of Heat Exchangers
By Russell Philion, Orange Ultrasonics

Forum & Information Exchange

Structured Forum: Process of Developing a New Industrial Maintenance Coating
By Gary Whittaker, MTI Fellow 

Evening Dinner Cruise | 7-10 PM

Enjoy a leisurely cruise and dinner along Florida’s beautiful St. Petersburg waters aboard the Starlite Sapphire. The cruise will be a three-hour tour where you can watch the sunset on some of the best views in all of the Gulf Beaches. The dinner will feature a custom made-to-order dinner of your choice from the menu and a cash bar.


Meeting Cost

  • Remote Internal Inspection Seminar Only (Monday 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.) – $99.00
  • AmeriTAC 128 + Remote Internal Inspection Seminar (Monday-Wednesday) – $250.00

  • Remote Internal Inspection Seminar – $199.00

Optional Tickets:
  • Wednesday Evening Dinner Cruise – $60/person (open to all attendees and their guests)

mti Policies

Late Meeting Registration Fee: Attendees registering on or after February 11, 2019 will be assessed a $25 late registration fee. 

Cancellation Refund Policy: Refunds for registrations cancelled before the refund deadline will be for all meeting charges minus a $15 cancellation fee. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN AFTER THE REFUND DEADLINE. The refund deadline is Monday, February 4, 2019.




Hilton carillon park

950 Lake Carillon Drive
St. Petersburg, FL 33716
Tel: +1 727.540.0050

Group Rate:

$195/Night plus Tax


February 5, 2019

The group deadline has passed. Please call the hotel for availability.



Aziz Asphahani, Ph.D.Aziz Asphahani photo

Questek innovations llc 
Chairman & CEO

Dr. Asphahani is the President & CEO of QuesTek Innovations LLC. Before joining QuesTek, he served as President & CEO of CARUS Chemical Co. (1995-2006), following 19 years (1975-1994) in the Specialty Metals Industry with HAYNES International/CABVAL, where he served as CABVAL President, HAYNES Vice President, Director of R&D, and Corrosion Engineer. He served on the Board of Directors of HAYNES, CABVAL and CARUS Corporation. 

Dr. Asphahani started in 1975 as a researcher/engineer focused on the development of corrosion-resistant nickel-based and cobalt-based alloys. He holds 8 patents, authored 65 papers on high alloys & corrosion control, and contributed numerous technical presentations at major conferences. Two of his patents won the 1984 VAALER* Award and the 1991 R&D-100 Award. Read More...

Russell PhilionPhoto_20Russell_20Philion.jpg

Orange Ultrasonics
Chief Technical Officer

Russell Philion, is the Chief Technical Officer for ORANGE Ultrasonics and ORANGE Cleantech Incorporated. With an extensive background in ultrasonic immersion-based cleaning, Russell has leveraged this knowledge into commercializing specific ultrasonic technologies for the ONLINE mitigation of heat exchanger fouling, over a variety of oil/gas, chemical and petrochemical processing assets. 

With installations of this technology globally, Russell speaks with groups around the world about the chief economic benefits of these solution sets. Working with these same groups to modify or in other cases clean their heat-transfer equipment, candidates learn how to significantly improve asset life and run-times –while reducing energy consumption, environmental waste and operational costs.

Robert ShirleyRobert_Shirley_Headshot.jpg

Premium Inspection & Testing

Unmanned Manager | Premium Inspection & Testing

Business Development, Job Planning and Execution

B.S. Finance – Louisiana State University

Co-Owner of LandBros Aerial, acquired by Premium in October 2017

Christian SmithChristianSmith.jpg

Interactive Aerial

Christian Smith is one of the founding members of Interactive Aerial and serves as the company’s President. He has been involved in the aerospace industry for over 10 years. Christian studied aviation & business at the University of North Dakota where he became a commercial pilot and Certified Flight Instructor. He was also involved with several startups at UND’s Center for Innovation, learning the ins and outs of new business and market research. Christian oversees Interactive Aerial’s global sales, marketing, and day-to-day operations. Working alongside an advisory board and CEO that has over 200 years of combined executive experience in every market we serve; Interactive Aerial has the inside edge to what the industry needs for successful drone technology - modernizing how inspections are carried out today. He has given many presentations about unmanned aerial technology over the past years and looks forward to presenting to the MTI attendees.

James SmithJSmith.jpg

Invert Robotics
Global Petro-Chemical Sales Manager

James Smith obtained an Honours Degree in Marketing at Victoria University in New Zealand in 2005  He has worked in various technology fields such as Information Technology and Additive Manufacturing in commercial roles at organizations such as IBM, Progress Software and Materialise.  He joined Invert Robotics in 2018. In his position as Global Petro-Chemical Sales Manager he is working with many of world’s largest Petro-Chemical companies to reduce the amount of human confined space entry by replacing traditional inspection and maintenance techniques with robotics.