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    Survey Results

    Hi Everyone, We´ve had a total of 17 answers to the survey. Thanks for the ...

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    Dana Baham, Here are the answers to your questions: What ...

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    Thank you very much Ed. ------------------------------ Ricardo Esquivel MTS ...

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    RE: minimum design temperature ...

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    ... thanks for bringing this up o MTI ... Please contact ...

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    Perhaps Grain size considerations - UT is subject to diffraction and attenuation ...


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  • Hi Mahanty, I would recommend FRP or Dual-lam prefabricated Nozzle-sleeves that you can insert into your damaged nozzles. To get a good contact to the existing nozzle you need to clean grit blast and then apply Belzona or do an injection with EPOXIGARD ... More

  • ​Mahanty, Good day. We've been using Belzona 1111 for our repairs on site. I believe the sleeve approach is unconventional and would require other Belzona products like their "release agent" to form the sleeve and then inserting it inside the nozzle. ... More

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