MTI Symposium Keynote to Focus on Optimizing Assets while Assuring Safety

By MTI Admin posted 01-29-2020 01:28 PM


January 29, 2020

St. Louis, MO –
Jerry Lebold, Senior Vice President and General Manager at BASF’s Geismar, Louisiana site will discuss “How to Optimize Assets while Assuring Safety” at MTI’s Global Solutions Symposium in Baton Rouge on February 19, 2020. 

As the general manager of BASF’s largest chemical manufacturing complex in North America and one the largest facilities globally, Lebold and his team are faced daily with maintaining the integrity for billions of dollars in equipment and assets for one of the top chemical companies in the world. “We must optimize these assets to achieve profitability while balancing the responsibility of absolute safety,” he says. “Can a chemical manufacturer achieve both? The answer is yes. Through advancements in materials engineering and advancements in understanding failure modes, BASF has been able to significantly improve asset predictability, asset reliability and as a result, we are not only a more responsible corporate citizen, but we are also a more reliable and dependable supplier in the eyes of our customers.”

Lebold will explore how BASF, throughout its 150-year history, has strived to innovate both in product and process development. He will also discuss how the company continues to challenge its employees to ensure the material integrity of its assets through better predictability, reliability and technology.

In addition to Lebold’s timely Keynote, the symposium will feature 23 presentations on Emerging Technology, Turnarounds, High Temperature Corrosion, Corrosion Under Insulation, and Knowledge Management. The technical program was designed by engineering, operations, and management professionals at MTI member companies (like BASF) for anyone in Chemical Production, Refining, Mining, and other Processing Industry jobs.

The event also includes a Global Solutions Marketplace providing participants with access to 30 industry partners, ranging from engineering companies to metals producers and fabricators. These industry experts will be showcasing their innovative products and services as well as answering questions on the latest solutions for processing industry plants. The exhibition hall will play host to meals, receptions and other special activities.

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About MTI: MTI’s vibrant community is made up of key CPI companies and leaders. According to a 2019 Report, 6 of the top 10 chemical companies in the world are MTI members. Technical thought leaders from these chemical companies and others will present at the Global Solutions Symposium. For more information about the conference and MTI, visit

Kirk Richardson, MTI