The Value of MTI's Materials Knowledge, Now More than Ever

By MTI Admin posted 04-29-2020 11:26 AM


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During our recent Global Solutions Symposium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a panel of Knowledge Management experts, led by Author Peggy Salvatore, gathered to discuss KM issues confronting our industry. Now, just two months later, we can see how important this topic has become and how valuable knowledge resources are to our member companies. MTI online TAC Forum use has spiked as members look for answers to their technical questions during the current COVID-19 crisis. Although the pandemic has changed nearly everything in the business world, the urgent need for reliable answers to engineering questions from Process Industries professionals hasn't waned. Our forum and the strength of our technical community has shown its extreme value during these trying times.

The Knowledge Management sessions at the 2020 Symposium were particularly well attended, and many member representatives stood up and shared their concerns, suggestions, and most important requirements during the meeting. Some of those concerns, like knowledge loss from vanishing expertise due to retirements, business closures and other unexpected events, is all the more relevant today.

The need for training, another hot topic during the symposium, has become all the more important as change accelerates and engineers, young and old, try to keep up with the pace. To that end, MTI is working on webinars and eLearning modules that can be streamed or played back to a wider range of members worldwide, and most importantly, are able to supply valuable technical knowledge remotely rather than in a face-to-face format.

MTI continues to provide its members with a repository of reliable information and is a source of trustworthy answers in an industry running 24/7, despite the current challenges. That in-depth information will continue to be available to members via our eLibrary, TAC forum, network of trusted experts, webinars, and other unique resources. Our Knowledge Management PDF shows some of the tools and knowledge available in our decades-deep repository of information. 

Rest assured, we will continue to add to those resources and welcome your suggestions as we work to meet member needs in a rapidly changing world. When you can't find the answers in your own archives or work network, we will be there to help you identify a solution or, at the very least, point you in a direction that leads you to dependable answers. You can count on MTI!