MTI CONNECT 2020, Issue 3 Available Online

By MTI Admin posted 01-12-2021 02:04 PM


On the Cover:
Corrosion Control Documents Provide Foundational Element of Mechanical Integrity Programs

Inside this Issue: 
3 2021 MTI Board of Directors Convenes Following
   Virtual Global TAC and Annual Meeting
4 Sitech Services Joins MTI as Supplier
6 Dual Laminate Training Program to Share Best Practices
8 Nelson and Rentsch: AmeriTAC’s New Leadership Team
10 Building MTI’s Additive Manufacturing Knowledge Base
11 Best Practices for Working with SMEs Project Underway
12 Titanium Grade 12 – UNS R53400
16 Corrosion Control Documents Provide Foundational
     Element of Mechanical Integrity Programs
19 MTI Hires Daniel Rasmussen to Fill New Membership
     Communications and Marketing Manager Position
20 Project Champions Spotlight with Abdulmohsin Al-Sahli
22 Technical Bulletins Available for Public Download
28 MTI Invites Industry Experts to Submit Abstracts
     for 2022 Global Solutions Symposium

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