Best Practices for Reactive and Refractory Metals in the CPI Available to Members in the e-Library

By MTI Admin posted 08-16-2021 12:39 PM


MTI Project 256 R&R Publication Complete and Available to Members Online

MTI is pleased to announce the completion of Project #256 championed by Hardin Wells (Albemarle) and Wendy McGowan (Neotiss). The book will be shipped to fulfill member company allotments in the coming weeks, but the electroinic version is currently available to all members with website access in the e-Library. Members will soon be able to purchase a copy from the print-on-demand bookstore as well. The publication is currently available to members only and will be released to non-members for purchase at a later date.


Compared to other materials technologies, there has long been a significant deficit in terms of best practices and lessons learned in the public domain, relative to the use of reactive and refractory metals in Chemical Process Industry (CPI) applications. For CPI companies to continue using these alloys and optimize them for first cost, service factor, lifespan cost, and service life, MTI membership determined that it was imperative to capture the subject matter expertise and best practices, while an aging-expert knowledge base still existed.

This compendium is an unprecedented compilation of industry best practices as it relates to raw materials manufacturing, materials selection, design, construction, and repair of reactive and refractory metals for equipment and piping in the Chemical Process Industries. It includes sections on Titanium, Zirconium, Tantalum and Niobium, and Clad.

The content includes many of the unique design challenges that these materials present, along with fabrication and quality-control nuances, limited supply chain/sourcing avenues, unusual ownership considerations, cost-effective use of these materials and more. In fact, more than 250 years of subject matter expertise and anecdotal lessons learned have been brought to bear on this subject and captured within this publication. Reflective of the magnum opus that this exhaustive compilation represents, it took more than a decade to carry it through to fruition.



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