Keynote to Cover AI and other Strategies for Knowledge Management

By MTI Admin posted 12-02-2021 11:00 AM


Loss of critical knowledge is a growing threat in Chemical Processing and Oil & Gas Industry companies, as subject matter experts leave the workforce for a variety of reasons. These important issues and potential solutions will be addressed in the Knowledge Management track at the MTI Symposium in Orlando, Florida, March 1-3, 2022. Todd Hudson, CEO at Maverick Institute will share new ideas in his Keynote “Eliminate, Automate or Transfer? Create SME Knowledge Management Plans that Add Real Business Value.” Hudson’s Keynote will provide an overview of these three alternatives, their pros and cons, and how to determine the best path to pursue.

Todd Hudson, Maverick Institute

According to Hudson, the common thinking is that a SME’s knowledge must be transferred to another person to continue being valuable; however, concepts such as lean and new technologies like artificial intelligence give organizations two additional powerful options to pursue. “Artificial intelligence doesn’t replace experts,” points out Hudson, a former factory manager with decades of operations management and “lean” experience at US, European and Asian electronics companies. “But it does allow people to quickly access key aspects of their expertise anytime, anywhere, on any device.”

In addition to his Keynote, Hudson will be leading a workshop that will give participants a hands-on opportunity to more fully understand and even start to create a knowledge management plan that helps them determine which knowledge to eliminate, automate or transfer. “We’ll drill down into the strategy a bit more, then do some practical, hands-on techniques that people can take back with them and use right away.”

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