Glass-lined Equipment Benefits and Challenges

By MTI Admin posted 06-02-2023 10:53 AM


In our inaugural episode of the MTI Corrosion Chronicles podcast, co-hosts Heather Allain and Marc Cook sit down with Lisa Desai, Director of Technology Sales at Pfaudler, to discuss glass-lined equipment. The three have an engaging conversation wrapped around the firing process, the art of spraying glass, benefits and value of using glass as a construction material, and discussions about gaskets, flanges and clamps. Be sure to subscribe for future episodes!

Show notes

Corrosion Chronicles is hosted by Heather Allain and Marc Cook.

Heather Allain is the Executive Director of Materials Technology Institute (MTI). She has been with the organization for 16 years and previously held an Associate Director position facilitating MTI’s Project work. Before MTI, she worked as a Materials Engineer at DuPont for 15 years, and has a BS in Materials Engineering from Rice University.

Marc Cook has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University and an MS in Material Engineering from NC State. He has worked for Dow for 26 years and as a mechanical contractor in Cincinnati for 3 years. His current role at Dow is leading the Technical Services Team for Ceramics and Refractory at Dow and providing materials engineering support to Dow’s Freeport, Texas site.

Disclaimer: Marc Cook is an employee of Dow but is speaking purely in a personal capacity and is not talking about or recommending Dow products.

Note:  The glass lining thickness measurement is indicated as "mils" in the podcast.  A mil is equivalent to a thousandth of an inch, not a mm.  For example glass thickness range of 40-90 mils is ~1-2.3 mm.

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