Static Mixer Uses and Benefits from a Materials Engineer's Viewpoint

By MTI Admin posted 01-12-2024 03:05 PM

TRACK: Bioprocessing & Corrosion Mechanisms

The use of static mixers seems to be growing, in part due to process configurations and corrosive components present in some renewable fuels hydroprocessing and pre-treatment units, which result in numerous applications of static mixers. Static mixers are used at various injection or mix points including some water wash injections, hydrogen quench and/or cold feed injections into hot reactor streams, acid/water mix points and dehydrating glycol additions into natural gas streams. This presentation highlights the benefits of static mixers in scrubbing contaminants and increasing mixing efficiency to mitigate corrosion and/or thermal fatigue risks, and discusses how the corrosion risks being mitigated can be either at the injection / mixing point or in downstream piping and equipment. The presentation also gives a description of static mixers' various types of elements, materials and design options, and lists typical applications in refining, renewables units, and chemical plants. 

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