Digital Gasket Trainer

By MTI Admin posted 01-23-2024 01:30 PM

TRACK: Emerging Technology
The Digital Gasket Trainer (DGT) has been developed to simulate the behavior of a bolted flanged connection in real time. DGT is a specialized software that simulates the bolt interaction when you tighten a flange with either a torque wrench, a short wrench or a long wrench. In addition, the software allows you to select from multiple gaskets to be used in between the flange along with two different friction factors. The software connects to a bench in which you can use an actual torque wrench or hand wrench that will communicate to the program as force is applied. This program uses a training tool to show what happens in the field when we tighten up a flange and the interaction between the bolts. The software also shows when the bolts have been yielded. The convenience of this digital gasket trainer is that it is portable and can be used to train engineers and maintenance staff from the convenience of a laptop or iPad. 

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