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HTHA Inspection Probes Demonstration | February 27, 2024

The Materials Technology Institute (MTI) partnered with EKOSCAN to develop, manufacture, and market a new generation of optimized ultrasonic array probes for HTHA inspection.

EKOSCAN will provide six, 50-minute demonstrations of the capabilities of the HTHA Inspection probes, incorporated in a fully automated scanner and integrated with a flaw detector using advanced ultrasonic inspection techniques, during the MTI Global Solutions Symposium on February 27, 2024, in Baton Rouge, La. EKOSCAN demonstrations will comprise some ultrasonic imaging examples, such as Figure 1. These images use the best performing Full Matrix Capture/Total Focusing Method (FMC/TFM), Full Matrix Capture/Phase Coherence Imaging (FMC/PCI) and Plane Wave Imaging (PWI) techniques for detecting, characterization and sizing of real HTHA crack-like damage in a weld removed from a vessel after 53 years in service. 

The scope of work was developed and supported by MTI projects #355 and #362, which resulted in an HTHA Probe Licensing Agreement with EKOSCAN in 2023. Selected images generated using the MTI & EKOSCAN probes are included in the upcoming publication, “MTI Atlas of NDE Images and Corresponding Microstructures” funded by MTI project #390.

MTI project team members will be available throughout the demonstrations to share some corresponding microstructures images included in the Atlas.

Figure 1. HTHA Crack-like Damage Imaging in Weld (top; left - before surface preparation, right – after surface preparation) using FMC/TFM (middle-top), FMC/PCI (middle-bottom) and PWI (bottom) Techniques

MTI Global Solutions Symposium 2024
February 26-29
Baton Rouge, LA

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