Applying Corrosion Engineering Principles to New Technology: Predicting Damage Mechanisms

By MTI Admin posted 02-15-2024 08:00 AM

TRACK: Bioprocessing & Corrosion Mechanisms
Significant energy is already focused on scaling up molecular recycling technology. MTI's Roundtable in early 2023 demonstrated the interest in this area and highlighted challenges associated with managing feed stream contaminants which affect various areas of molecular recycling process units. Materials & Corrosion Engineers are tasked with identifying damage mechanisms, selecting materials, and developing mechanical integrity strategies for these units. Application of known damage mechanisms from conventional refining, petrochemical, and chemical processing units is a useful starting point. This presentation will discuss the application of corrosion engineering principles (i.e. chemical engineering, electrochemistry, metallurgy, etc.) to predict damage mechanisms in advanced molecular recycling units. Case studies regarding HTHA, NH4Cl salt point and acid dew point corrosion, various forms of SCC, and other mechanisms will be presented.