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Electron beam welding for Alloy 825 REAC header welds

  • 1.  Electron beam welding for Alloy 825 REAC header welds

    Posted 10-19-2019 01:46 AM
    ​Hi !

    Would like to seek view /comment about EBW welding process issues if any for new Alloy 825 (REAC Hydroprocessing  Air fin cooler) header welds.

    Vendor has proposed EBW welding process instead of SAW for new header box longitudinal welds.  The reasons stated for  that " Alloy 825 is a sensitive metallurgy for hot cracking. The limited heat input of the electron beam welding (EBW) minimize the distortion and shrinkage of the headers and avoid the hot cracking. SAW is more risky due to its higher heat input. The EBW is a reliable process ensuring sound welding ".

    Header box metallurgy is  ASME SB-424, UNS N08825 ;  Plate thickness 20mm~35mm

    Looking forward EBW welding process concern for the above.

    Thanks & regards,
    S Kumar
    Lead Inspection Engineer

    Senthil Kumar
    SRC, Singapore