Dual Laminate & FRP Training in Europe

By MTI Admin posted 08-25-2022 12:00 AM


The Materials Technology Institute's (MTI) Dual Laminate and FRP training is a comprehensive program delivered by experts with a combined 135-plus years of experience in the subject. The training provides practical information for inspection and maintenance of materials of construction that is not currently available in the industry. 

Materials and design fundamentals, manufacturing techniques for pipe and equipment, applicable codes and testing, fabricator qualification, installation, inspection, repair options, and applicable case histories will be the focus for the training. Dual Laminate Equipment is made of a polymeric sheet lining and FRP as the structural reinforcement; therefore, the FRP segment of the training will provide a foundation for the Dual Laminate content. Training Details >

This course is especially beneficial for personnel new to the use of FRP and Dual Laminates, and is intended for personnel involved in procurement, inspection, reliability, and maintenance of FRP and Dual Laminate equipment and piping. 


November 14-16, 2022

NH Hotel Barbizon Palace
Amsterdam, Europe


Members: 100€ 

Non-members: 1000€

Case Study Sample: Dual Laminate Training – November 2021
“Dual Laminate equipment is particularly useful when working with applications so challenging that metallic alternatives are very unattractive or not compatible.” Hardin Wells, Albemarle, MTI Dual Laminate Training Instructor – November 2021.

“When it comes to inspection of new equipment, it’s important to make an effort up front to paint a clear picture for fabrication, specification, IPP, weld maps, and so forth. Here’s an example of what can go wrong if there isn’t enough interaction between a fabricator and end user. The column in this particular example failed after 18 months.”