Systematic Approach Toward Damage Mechanism Reviews and Mechanical Integrity Improvements for Ammonia Synthesis Facilities

By MTI Admin posted 01-09-2024 11:45 AM

TRACK: Bioprocessing & Corrosion Mechanisms
Damage Mechanisms for Oil Refinery Operating units have been well documented for over 20 years and MTI has recently published a book containing CPI focused DMs. The successful application of this methodology is the cornerstone of Risk Based Inspection and other predictive Mechanical Integrity technology that have proven improvements in equipment reliability. The emphasis of this presentation is identification of DMs for ammonia and other related processes (i.e., Urea and Nitric Acid Plants). This presentation provides an overview of some potential damage mechanisms based on known process parameters, selects the appropriate inspection methods, and communicates relevant factors and possible mitigation options as a resource for the ammonia production sites. This methodology has been implemented in numerous facilities worldwide and is being used in mechanical integrity programs.

MTI Global Solutions Symposium 2024
February 26-29
Baton Rouge, LA

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