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Belzona 1111 nozzle sleeves
0 6 days ago by Gyananjan Mahanty
metal dusting - crude vacuum service
4 9 days ago by Emory Ford
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Acid flare system material selection
5 14 days ago by Patrice Houlle
Original post by Ahmed Eissa
Bismuth In Stainless Steel Welding Consumables
4 19 days ago by Frank Sapienza
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Embrittlement in Insulation pins Alloy309
1 19 days ago by Richard Duncan
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Spurious Material and Fake Certification
0 20 days ago by Vino Varughese
Specifying Casting Simulation Prediction Requirements
0 29 days ago by Ahmed Altaher
Source for ASTM G146 Testing
1 one month ago by Brian Chambers
Original post by Steve Sparkowich
Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger (PFHE) Inspections
1 one month ago by Luis Garfias Mesias
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MTI Webinar Opportunity
0 one month ago by Byron Keelin
How are you and your company managing this pandemic?
0 one month ago by Byron Keelin
What Challenges Does Your Company Face?
3 3 months ago by Dheeraj Narang
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High temp bromine induced cracking/corrosion of Austenetic SS
12 3 months ago by Dana Baham
AmeriTAC 131 - Metals PDC Meeting Agenda
0 3 months ago by Robert Freed
Electron beam welding for Alloy 825 REAC header welds
0 7 months ago by Senthil Kumar
Handling 50% Hydrogen Peroxide in Aluminum
0 8 months ago by Bill Salot
0 8 months ago by Karl-Friedrich Schneider
Chlorination for MIC
4 one year ago by Kerry Barbetti
Original post by Sudhindra Hathwar
Corrosion / Refractory Expert in Brazil?
4 one year ago by Kerry Barbetti
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Autoclave Oleum Corrosion Testing Resources
0 one year ago by Frank (Fushuang) Cui
Fabricators of Internal Half-Pipe (Limpet) Coil Vessels
1 one year ago by giuseppe pettenati
Original post by Mark Bartel