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Atlas of Microstructures for Alloy 625 (335)  

A high quality Atlas of Microstructures of Nickel Alloy 625 will be developed for all product forms and welded product for both corrosion-resisting and high temperature CPI applications.

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Composite Repair Surface Preparation Study (382)  

Develop and conduct a program to determine how the degree of surface preparation and substrate material influences the long term performance of composite pipe repair systems

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Corrosion Data Collection for the Most Commonly Used Corrosion-Resistant ...  

MTI project 269-Corrosion Data of the Most Commonly Used Corrosion Resistant Nickel Alloys was successfully completed in December 2017. That MTI project was the first joint effort to collect, analyze, and publish corrosion data of nickel alloys from various major global suppliers. Five typical nickel alloys were selected for corrosion data collection, including Alloy C276, Alloy 22, Alloy 625, Alloy 825, and Alloy 600. The contractor of the project was Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) of Taiwan. After carefully analyzing tens of thousands of test data voluntarily provided by the major suppliers, ITRI team carried out lab corrosion rate study then provided a statistically analyzed corrosion rate and standard deviation for each selected alloy. A final report was published in both English and Chinese. This publication has been approved by many MTI members to be extremely useful, especially when they are doing research on these alloys, selecting these alloy for certain applications, or trying to find a suitable supplier for their new project. Project 367 is phase II of project 269. The purpose of this new project is to continue the successful effort and collect corrosion data for more nickel alloys of interest by the industry. The team will define the scope of the study candidates, assemble subject experts from member communities, collecting existing data and testing methods from industry then select qualified contractor to carry out the study.

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Corrosion in Bio-Oils (357)  

New bio-oil products are now being produced commercially. The processes for producing bio oil can be corrosive, and alloy corrosion data for the new bio oil fuels is not available. There is interest in this topic and a new potential project was established to formulate a project on this topic.

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CPI Equipment, Materials, and Corrosion Learning Modules (336)  

The purpose of this project is to create an in-person short course with an introduction to process industries corrosion. The goal of the course is aimed at introducing new engineers and other technical personal to corrosion, common types of process equipment, materials of construction, fabrication techniques, and codes and standards. It is meant to give the students basic information on corrosion and how it is prevented in the chemical process industry to augment on-the-job training as they start their careers. A secondary goal is to create the technical material that will be used to create an online training course on the same topics. The development of the online course will be developed as a subsequent MTI project.

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Duplex Stainless Steel Welds at Elevated Temperatures (391)  

Following project 307 (Literature search and review of DSS at Short Term Elevated Temperatures), and Project 364 (Duplex Stainless Steels at Elevated Temperatures), additional work is needed to evaluate the effects of short term elevated temperatures on DSS welds and HAZ. This follow up project will evaluate an array of 2205 welds after short term exposures at elevated temperatures.

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eLearning Course In-Service FRP Inspection (289)  

This project is to develop an eLearning electronic course available on the internet for FRP inspection of in-service equipment. The course and its content will be owned by MTI.

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Enrichment of the HTHA Damages Simulation Model To Take Into Account Inclusions ...  

The scope of this project is to perform a study in order to include in the simulation model developed in the P305: - Discrimination of the HTHA damages with inclusions by inserting them as a specific modeled item. - Validation of the model to samples with actual HTHA damage in the welded area.

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Glass Lining Repair Technique Evaluation (266)  

The objective of this project is to validate the robustness of this new repair technique for GLSE. Ideally the testing will simulate all known failure mechanisms for GLSE that could potentially apply to these patches. This project would perform mechanical and corrosion testing on glass lining bonded to steel. Testing could include: adhesion; strain line; spark; impact (external); impact (internal); abrasion; thermal; compressive; flexure; tensile; chemical; etc.

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HTHA Atlas of NDE Images and Corresponding Microstructures (390)  

Produce a catalogue of a variety of NDE responses (ToFD, ,PAUT, TFM/FMC) with corresponding metallographic characterization of carbon steel and carbon 1/2 moly HTHA specimens. Focus will be on incipient damage and HTHA with inclusions ad weld defects and other inclusions.

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Mechanical Integrity of Plant Civil Structures (275)  

The objective of this project is to develop a document that will provide guidance on managing critical plant concrete and steel structures in a mechanical integrity program.

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Performance of NDT, Simulations and Destructive Testing on Carbon Steel ...  

Following the validation of the Simulation model developed in P305, this project intends to use it to determine the best parameters and probes for the Ultrasonic testing of carbon steel damaged by High Temperature hydrogen attack (HTHA) in order to identify early stage HTHA. The main objectives of this projects can be summed up as follows: • Definition of optimized procedures and calibration blocks for reliable on-site HTHA detection and characterization • Redaction of Guideline for Optimized NDT

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Polymer Cap Strip Welding (267)  

The project will determine whether the added benefits outweigh the risks in the use of cap strips when used for two materials, ECTFE and ETFE.

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Pressure Swing Adsorber (PSA) Vessels Structural Integrity and Fatigue ...  

PSA (pressure swing adsorption) pressure vessels are often used in the purification of hydrogen after syngas production. These vessels are manufactured from carbon steel and are welded in accordance to design codes and standards. Due to fluctuations in pressure, these vessels are usually affected by fatigue damage which can be accelerated due to exposure to hydrogen. The purpose of this project is to establish a relevant materials database for PSA steel in hydrogen.

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Remaining Life Evaluation of Aged Alloy 20Cr32Ni Components (375)  

This project follows the completed project 356 which produced an analysis of the existing literature on this topic and guidance on an experimental plant to determine the remaining lifetime of components composed of Alloy 20Cr32Ni after aging at high process temperature. The objective of this project will be to conduct an experimental evaluation of this alloy following a process environment to determine remaining utility for further plant service.

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