MTI Hires Rolf Kirchheiner as New European AD

By MTI Admin posted 05-19-2022 10:44 AM


The Materials Technology Institute (MTI) is delighted to announce the hire of Rolf Kirchheiner for the European Associate Director (AD) position to replace Patrice Houlle, who plans to retire later this year.

Kirchheiner, based in the Rhine-Ruhr area of the western part of Germany, comes to MTI with an extensive industry background and previous participation in the organization. After attaining a chemical engineering degree, he worked for KRUPP-VDM and was responsible for the development of metallic High-Performance Alloys for the CPI, Oil and Gas and Energy sectors for 20 years. He furthered his knowledge of forged, cast and centricast Super Alloys while at Schmidt + Clemens, where he was responsible for managing the Central R&D Department for nearly 12 years. In addition, he worked for a period at Vallourec-Mannesmann with a focus on the development and qualification Nickel-Alloys.

 Kirchheiner also spent a five-year stint at a research institute for materials where he was responsible for the implementation of training courses for engineers and organizing conferences on materials and applications. Most recently, he has operated an independent engineering office where his consultancy focuses on the successful qualification and application of metallic and non-metallic high-performance materials.

Adding to his experience, Kirchheiner made many connections while working closely with industry producers and suppliers, including both past and current MTI members such as Bayer, BASF, Linde, Air Products and others. He also participated in MTI as a delegate for VDM in the 1980s. Based on his positive experience and interaction, he was a strong advocate for Schmidt + Clemens while employed there to join MTI membership. Now, as he prepares for the new challenge of recruiting prospective members in Europe, Kirchheiner first plans to observe and listen to advice from the strong leaders of the EuroTAC group.

MTI looks forward to adding Kirchheiner's experience to the staff. His background, management skills and event organizational experience will benefit MTI as EuroTAC continues to expand project work and develop relationships in the industry.

“I am very pleased to welcome Rolf Kirchheiner to MTI. His experience in the high temperature alloy field with VDM, Schmidt & Clemens, Vallourec and Mannesmann Tubes Group and Haus der Technik HDT will provide an excellent technical background to work with the EuroTAC community’s high temperature corrosion related problems,” remarks Heather Allain, MTI Executive Director. “Furthermore, his enthusiasm for MTI, working with project teams, and reaching out to potential members in Europe will be a strong asset to our already solid European community of members.”